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Hola and Welcome!

I'm Hispanic. My DNA includes 51.6% European (mostly Iberian) and 40.3% Central America (ie; Mexico).

I'm an active 70 years young male, who lives in Henderson, Nevada, with his dear wife, Angela.

My background: Realtor and Real Estate Investor, AA degree in Electronics, Tennis Ace, Artist, Photographer,
Home Chef, World Traveler and Combat U.S. Marine.

Angela E. Santos and I retired early and left Los Altos, CA for Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where we lived for seven years.

It was great but then we were involved in a lawsuit and chose to get out of 'dodge'. We settled in
Henderson, NV, which is pretty much Las Vegas, NV. And traveled!

There is nothing like traveling the world with camera in hand and immersing oneself in an exciting and 
different culture and environment. Sampling foods that are totally unlike the foods that one grows up with.

And trying to say a few words in an alien language is a fun thrill.

Then there are the cultural differences such as with the Monks in Tibet. They were thrilled with the hair
on my face, as I was with their hairless arms. The best part is always with the children who are such
innocent delights.


My Mother, Bertha Hogan Santos and my Father, Bernardo Rodriguez Santos, moved from the SW Texas/Mexico 
border to Galveston, Texas in the early 1940's. We became a family of 4 girls and 1 boy. Gloria, the eldest,
died April 20th 2019, due to complications of pneumonia. Sisters Norma and Rosella all live in Texas. My sister Sylvia lives in the Los Angeles area.
All married with big, beautiful families. My only son, Ryan, who lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

I was in the USMC from June of 1967 until June of 1971. I spent the entire year of 1968 in Vietnam, right when the TET offensive started. In February of that year I was wounded by shrapnel to the shoulder while minding

my own business on top of an Amtrak. I was lucky enough to go to Subic Bay, Philippines to recoup. Also, I 

went to Australia and Japan for R&R. Each time I was sent back to the combat field. After my military service,
I spent a short time in
Galveston, TX but grew weary. I joined my cousin Robert in Northern California until I retired.

My dear wife's maiden name is Magee. She is 100%  Irish, born in the battleground of Belfast, Northern Ireland.

She came to America at an early age and settled in St. Louis, Missouri; then moved to San Francisco, California.

She obtained a BA degree in Economics from San Francisco University. She then moved to Mountain View,

California where I met her and her mother at a dance. The rest is history.

I started our Family Tree about 10 years ago. Currently we have almost 750 names on the tree, but we don't
seem to be able to add more. Research is slow and difficult. If you can provide added information please let
me know.

I can send you a courtesy invite to MyHeritage tree, just send me you name and email address.

OR, you may visit ' ' and signup for a free account and then search for the Santos Family Tree.

My goals, in the near future, is to write a fictional book and of course travel, yet, to more undiscovered parts
of the world, perhaps Croatia. And to make some choice investments.




I have a couple of email address that you may use:



** Countries visited:  USA, Mexico, Canada, England, Ireland, France, Germany,
     Italy, Spain, Portugal, Andora, Russia, China, India, Bhutan, Tibet, Thailand,
     South America, South Africa, Vietnam, Australia, Japan, Norway, Sweden,

     Amsterdam, Morocco, Israel, Jordan


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